Cesare Romiti, President of Italian China Foundation, Appointed Consulting Professor of DHU

On April 17, the appointment ceremony was held in Yifu Building on Yan’an Rd Campus DHU.

Mr. Xu Mingzhi, DHU President, Mr. Dai Ziyi, Secretary General of Shanghai Apparel Association, Mr. Massimo Roscigno, Italian Consul General and other distinguished Italian guests attended the ceremony.

After receiving the letter of appointment from the hand of President Xu Mingzhi, Mr. Romiti delivered a speech entitled “Quality-One of the Decisive Elements in Competitions between Various Companies and their Products.”

Mr. Cesare Romiti holds the title of National Labor Knight conferred by Italy and a Medal of Honor presented by France. He has also been honored as “Chinese people’s Friend” by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. 

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